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Once · Upon · A · Time

with shiny objects!

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With the end of Home on the Strange, I'm going to make a particular effort to post what I'm up to, creatively, to this journal. All the art news you could want, minus whatever shiny thing I found on the internet that day.
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So I've been (relatively) quiet lately, not because I don't love you all, but because I've been working my ass off on something I couldn't talk about yet and it's all I wanted to talk about.

Home on the Strange is now officially up! Number one is up and we're updating MWF. All those links you see, they work! We're that on the ball!

I've mentioned doing a webcomic for a bit, but I'd come up with a few plot lines and run out of steam. Thus, when theferrett proposed doing a comic together way back in october, I jumped on it. The past several months have been spent on character sketches, model sheets, story discussions, hashing out plot points, making a sizable backlog of comics, and piles and piles of email. Now, here it is.

We're doing this because it's fun, and we want to, but it's also a professional gig. He wants to be a full-time writer, and I an artist, so this our attempt at professional development, exposure (heh) and creating something people will really love.

So please go check it out, and and if you like it, post a link, send email and tell all your friends. Or if, you know you're tired of hearing me while about me being a frustrated artist. Or if you like puppies. If you like puppies, please post a link.

Thank you.

P.S. T-shirts make wonderful Valentine's Day presents!
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So to repost things here:

8 x 10 art prints: $15

Are the files a lunatic idea? My reasoning being if someone just wants the image, to print, to use as an icon, whatever, if they felt so inclined they could always buy work and scan it in, or try and grab it off my site. THis is an easy, cheap and official way to get an image.

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Current projects:

I just finished art for the game "It Was a Mutual Decision" by Adept Press. I'll post about it once I know when it's coming out

Currently I'm working on a commission for character sketches which I can post once I'm finished if my employer is amendable *poke*

I've also created an email list, which is nothing more fancy than my creating a group in my address book.

Fun bonus fact:

The name for this group is descriptive but also sort of a play on the fact my initials plus my last name is vmpare, which considering I'm a huge Buffy fan, amuses the hell out of me.

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boy. This sure is purple
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So, art!

I made this for a place to talk about what I'm up to art-wise, without overwhelming my f-list or making people sit through my personal jounal.

So here we are. Or rather, here I am. Just me. Whoo.

(Yes I am going to change the layout)

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